Luo Han Guo Extract

  • Luo han guo extract Mogrosides 80%/ Mogroside V 25%
  • Luo han guo extract Mogroside V 50%

Product Name

Luo Han Guo 20
Luo Han Guo 25
Luo Han Guo 40
Luo Han Guo 50


Mogrosides 80%/ Mogroside V 20%
Mogrosides 80% / Mogroside V 25%
Mogroside V 40%
Mogroside V 50%


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Luo Han Guo Extract

Luo Han Guo

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  • High sweet degree. Approximate 250-400 times of sucrose.
  • Natural Sweetener,calorie free
  • Fine light color and fine water soluble.
  • Good stability. In addition, it can be maintained at a pH value 2.0~10.0 for two years without quality affected.
  • Safe and dependable. No side effects found during thousands of years of use by people in China.
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The best Luo han guo selected from Longjiang Town in Yongfu County.Longjiang Town (Dragon River) of Yongfu County was named “Home of Chinese luohanguo Fruits.”

Luo han guo is primarily grown in southern China, mainly in Guangxi Province, with most of the product from the mountains of Guilin. The steep mountains provide shade and they are frequently surrounded by mists that further protect against excessive sun, yet the temperature in this southern province is warm. The wild plant is rare, thus luohanguo has been cultivated in the region for many years.